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Greenstein, R 2003 (ed.) Research methods training manual. Download the document at

International Forum for Rural Transport and Development Forum 2006, A networked research appproach: A guide to conducting research in a networked setting. See

"The Literature Review: A few tips on how to conduct it." See

Bless C & C Higson-Smith, 1995, "The Types of Research," in Fundamentals of Social Science Research: An African Perspective. Cape Town: Juta and Co, Ltd. Second Edition, pp41-62.

‘Measuring while you Manage. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Knowledge Networks’ by H Creech, IISD, 2001.

‘Participation, Relationships and Dynamic Change: New Thinking on Evaluating the Work of International Networks’ M Church et al. 2003. (broken link)

'How to do ethnographic research: a simplified guide.' University of Pennsylvania, (broken link)

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