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The following people participated in the Johannesburg research capacity building sessions:

CIPP: Natasha, Natalie and Valeria

COMMS: Analia


SUCB: Karel

WNSP: Angela, Kaca, Dafne

Agenda, Day 1, 9 February 2008

Day 1 will provide an overview of the research process (including the relationship between theory and method, how to conduct a literature review. how to work with data, etc. The approach will emphasize the interconnectedness of the research question, research method (i.e. how we implement the research design) and analytical techniques, with the theoretical argument we bring to makes sense of the information.

Agenda, Day 2, 10 February 2008

On day 2 the focus will be on

   * case studies of qualitative research project
   * discussion of what consittutes feminist research, and
   * discussion of the relationship between evaluation and research
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